Great implementation is the key to making enrollment and technology plan designs work

It doesn't matter how great the enrollment strategy, plan design and benefits automation technology is. If they aren't implemented properly throughout the organization, they fail every time.


our people are committed to provide every client with a successful implementation every time 

Where are you in the process of transitioning to a benefits automation solution?

  • Still on paper

    • Need education on systems and, if applicable, integration with current HRIS and payroll systems

    • Need consultation on what to expect, how to prepare for automating the enrollment and administration of your benefits

  • Ready for an upgrade

    • You have experienced service issues with your current benefits automation vendor

    • Your needs have simply outgrown your current system

  • In-house solution does not provide what you want

    • Your current system doesn't work well or easily for benefits

    • You want your employees to be more engaged with their benefit elections than the current system supports

The right solution — Custom designed, built and implemented for you

When it's time to start, we'll guide you every step of the way.

When it's time to upgrade, or if your enterprise solution just isn't cutting it for benefits enrollment and administration, we'll be there to help you assess current and future needs and implement the transition to your new solution.